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Do you see daily 3 systemic disconnects:

  1. Ecological divide
    • we no longer live in harmony with nature
    • we consume 1.5X the renewable resources of the planet
    • everything is based on short term
  2. Socioeconomic divide
    • the financial bubble does not match the real economy
    • the pyramidal management paralyses the collective and mutual aid
    • GDP growth does not bring more happiness
  3. Self divide
    • in business we have to be professionally correct
    • where is the sincerity, honesty, motivation, emotion, joy, …?

If these 3 divides speak to you, studies made by Frederic Laloux or Isaac Gertz and many others further explains the trend that are taking the pioneers to change that and live a new more balanced and sustainable experience resulting in better performance. Here are the 3 main ways:

  1. Have a Mission/Vision
    • not a phrase thrown in the area but something perceived by all and lived daily throughout the enterprise
  2. The self-management
    • empower the entire company not having to implement the excessive control that freezes it
  3. Live fully Self
    • give a frame work where people can express themselves fully and in compliance with both them and others

If you have followed me up there, you’ll probably wonder where is the magic recipe, it does not exist, it is unique to your business because it has to emerge from your values and the ones of all your employees. But there are plenty of actions and tools that can be set up to let it emerge.

What can I bring you in all this:

  • My passion for change
  • My passion is researching all that is done for a new bloom time from an operational, economic model, self-development, collective intelligence and … point of view
  • And especially my 10 years of experience in the transformation of organisations that allows me to approach the transformation with good operational and economic base

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are seeking for an external pulse to let this emerge in your company, we can find the first steps and work together.

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